Let's Talk Sweets

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cupCakes. The cake, frosting, and topping combinations are too vast to create a cupcake that is going to be perfect for everyone. Sweet Talk cupCatery will create exclusive and sophisticated treats for all your special occasions: from cocktail parties to special celebrations we customized cupCakes on Site.  "IT'S EASY AS CAKE"

Your guest will...

Choose a cake flavor.
Choose a frosting flavor, and one of our Sweet frosters tops the cake.

Take their cupcake to the topping bar and complete their perfect cupCake creation.

Sweet Talk cupCatery provides the cupCakes, frostings, and toppings as well as our sweet frosters! Want to hear something else oh so sweet? We take care of the set-up, take-down and clean-up of your cupcake service.

Contact Sweet Talk cupCatery to book your next celebration and the only thing you will have to worry about is having fun!

We’ve Got You Covered at Sweet Talk cupCatery – Perfect for parties of 10 to 10,000!

​We charge $3.00 Per Cupcake

0-5 miles $55
5-10 miles $75
10-20 miles $110
20+ miles Let’s talk about it and we’ll figure something out!

** Usually our team of Friendly Frosters can serve about 200 cupCakes per hour for the price included in the $3.00 per cupCake. If you want your cupcakes served faster or over a longer period of time, we’ll have to charge a little more for our staff’s time.

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